Justice Delayed

Can justice be delayed under any circumstances?
Numerous cases can be sighted for instances
Can that not be amounted as justice denied?
Well, conscious should always bite if it is laid

Constitution enshrined for liberty and freedom
Forefathers too considered and thought it as wisdom
Sacrifice made for freedom struggle should not go as waste
To live with true freedom was need of an hour and taste

Still many loop holes remain to be plugged
System is facing criticism and it is wholly bugged
Justice is sold as revealed with emergence of new facts
it is cleverly wrapped in words with simple tact

Under official ret act, nothing can be made public or revealed
Under the oath of secrecy it is cleverly concealed
Normal man can’t dream for getting immediate relief
Loosing faith and trust as mark of disbelief

Innocents are sometimes hung for nothing
Trial summary drags on for years to prove something
History teeters and goons rule the scene
it has been made laughing stock which is never witnessed or seen

Conscience like things has remained on paper
Evidences or approver turn hostile and proof is tempered
Solitary examples shine and keep the system alive
Does the system require honest trial for self and to be revived?

Politicians have corrupted and citizens too have favored
Easy ill gotten money plays part with fragrance and flavor
who would not want to become rich and famous?
Leading lavish life with style and look so glamorous

Death sentence can’t be implemented for simple reason
Wrong move for computation of term for person tried under treason
Still some of us praise the system and sing for liberty
How can it grow amidst the illiteracy and poverty?

Nothing can l change under the light and sun
we will tear it apart by making mockery and fun
Streets will have deserted look under the shadow of gun
People may seek refuge under constant fear and run

Such may be the scene in coming days
You will be caught in cross fire in strange ways
You will have no high hope in bright rays
It may be altogether different if we don’t pay (attention)

No one should be deprived of his/her legitimate dues
System should not be meant for only few
Why is it so that only influential get scoot free
Why other have to sit recite the hymns under the tree?

Let holy principles of justice be upheld
Let innocents be not prosecuted and held
It may or can have legitimate delay
This may send the message across and relay

All Dreams Not Come True ###309(In 500)

All dreams may not come true
All credits due may not accrue
But with true reflection in mind
Ideas newer and newer may emerge and find
though may not be the nature too so kind

Dreaming in day time is not at all good
Good thoughts and efforts work as food
Earnest efforts to come out of wood
Failure may stun and you loose the hope
Still not difficult to walk on tight rope

It is not bad to dream for high sky
Speak always truth and do not lie
You may not have wings to fly
Still nothing wrong to work and try
No need to think or needlessly cry

You must have third sense to rise
All acts should be sensible and wise
Rise and fall is part of the game
Goal and ideas you must frame
No use trying luck or fate to blame

What ever you do must be with resolve?
Take full blame and never try to absolve
Put in best efforts to come out and solve
Full dedication and make everybody to involve
Try to mix with all as soluble dissolve

Despite put in best efforts it may not materialize
Failure may be sure but we may not visualize
All draw backs reasons before us but can’t analyze
Complete system may run into trouble and paralyze
Still strive very hard to see the reason and synchronize

Complete days routine and reflections of day’s thoughts
In night, thoughts clash and hard won battles are fought
Freedom and joy sincerely thought and brought
Stealing in day time but not easily caught
Simply night dreaming when lying in the cot

Continue to seek solution in dream,
Energy not focused but travel in beam
Try very hard and work as team,
Good efforts in direction but not as power game
Not letting any opportunity with excuses lame

So I find easy way to seek refuge in night
Lie low and have good say without light
more and more attention I try to pay
Always hope to find way in form of ray
washing shores with water at feet of bay.

Life doesn’t end with setting of day
Sun may rise again with bright ray
Your hopes may be high and tall
Vast horizon may lie open for all
Try for success without any fall

Come what may be the slogan
Life and opportunities may begun
Nothing to loose with worth attempt
Sometimes you may gain with action prompt

Dead Nights

Dark clouds run to cover sun’s face,
With sparkling lights to join the race,
Descending on earth with malign intent,
Fear, destruction all with dreaded content,

Pin dropp silence in midst of night,
Not a ray of hope or slight light,
Little scuffle or fierce fight,
All noticed with powerful sight,

Dead night represent people pessimist,
No hope of revival as done by optimist,
Passim is t wait for ship to be sunk,
Optimist tries to drag even if drunk,

One remains always awake
Even nothing is at stake,
Person with controlled wishes,
Even water is disturbed with movement of fishes,

Holy soul departs at mid night,
Path is set with precision and right,
Evil doer’s absence may not be missed,
Good and light will always be noticed,

Nights represent bleak future and gloom,
Even flowers feel shame and not boom,
All wrong doings done at night,
People may thin it is path right,

Night is not all that bad,
Proper time to remain calm and sad,
All energy to cool and find some rest,
Preparation for next day’s fight for best,

A Place Called

place called “home” is to feel homely,
God’s creation standing by to look so lovely,
May be she is with all her elegance,
Everything for sure and no pretence,

Gently spoken words I hear,
Sounds like music in my ear,
Shivering cold run in spine,
As if showing drunken state caused by wine,

Mild walk around give melancholy voice,
She is with me not becasuse of her choice,
Always standing by and rendering advice,
Suggesting the ways with utmost care to improvise,

Bowing head with all weight on my solder and lean,
Air to suggest fragrance and house almost neat and clean
“Life is so suggestive and perfect” does that mean?
It seems half battle is over with clear perfect win,

Home loses significance if she is not there?
Without her no refuge and to go nowhere,
Ideal place i shome to step in with peace of mind,
Smiling at door to receive with gesture kind

All care is taken of with ease and no tension,
Home in perfect condition and look as Manson,
No clash of views even with slight reason,
All days alike whether season or no season,

With arrival of spring, flowers boom,
All happiness in home and I always zoom,
housing of toys all in single room,
joy and only joy with trace of gloom,

“Home” is an end of universe,
Does not come as surprise and need to rehearse,
It is place where even HE may prefer to stay,
Heaven here, hell here, we need only to create the way

All Hopes Against Hope

All hopes dash against hopes
It is like tight walking on simple ropes
We may counter stiff resistance at high slope
Bonding may not be possible even if you elope

Power suddenly may fail and hopes may dash
Life too can end if you make driving rash
Business too may fail with crunch in cash
Credit may be lost even if you attempt fresh

With slow rising of Sun dark clouds may go
Money lenders may relent and make debt to forgo
All good sign and luck may be smiling again
Life should start fresh with little gain,

Nothing goes wrong with smooth sailing,
Sentence may not be severe even fail in bailing
Failure in vigilance may result in trailing,
Gain will be more with best opportunity availing,

Future may be disappointing and chances fade away
Life is live game and not as children play
Things may turn wrong even with trying of best efforts
Luck will not smile even when you have good rapports

Sun may go up with its destined time
Target we should set as our object prime
Luck may not favor but not let us down,
Plant will come up when seeds are sown

Character Assassination

It is ghastly and worse than murder,
It strikes you from within even harder,
It’s effect very loud and clear,
Always you feel campaign sinister and smear,

Nothing can hurt you more than abuse,
Your life is at stake and you can’t refuse,
No amount of confidence you can infuse,
Once you are subjected then no one can defuse,

It will be hidden propaganda to put you on trial,
No room is left for explanation or denial,
Less you clarify damage intensity is more?
Leaving you in dilemma and shame in store,

No one can regain an old position,
Disturbs balance and spoils the composition,
Damage control exercise can lessen situation,
Credit restoration may take time for persuasion,

Accusations, hurling abuses all lethal weapons,
Assassination bid involve distribution of coupons,
Rumors may travel faster than speedy wind,
No trace or proof can ever be found and mind,

Every one is naked behind cloth,
Image damage is combination of both,
No one can stand without prestige and pride,
Almost to go in oblivion and face to hide,

It is not only lethal but deadly too,
Aim at one but targets two,
No proof, no attempts or money needed,
Only the propaganda and plan succeeded

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes with sparkling light,
Standing before me just to right,
Inviting me near but not to fight,
May be closer views and clear sight,

I could see whole world in it,
Two eyes as if deem lamps lit,
Why sudden interest in me hit?
Muscled body with physique fit,

May not be that simple reason,
Spring all over as main season,
Flowers booming with colours different,
Invitation seemed only reason apparent,

I too was ready for open meet,
Shaking body with crumbling feet,
Not knowing what was in store?
Nothing was wrong for ground to explore,

Miss was not easy but hard nut to crack,
Little hurry was sign to pack,
Patience was must for not going back,
Attempt sincere but confidence not lack,

Both realized the gravity of situation,
It was real and not first sight or infatuation,
Time was critical and need of an hour,
Relation to grow and not sour,

Kind gesture with open invite,
Desires grew with ambition ignite,
It was not time to say good night,
Grab the opportunity as the time was right,

Soon developed intense love and bond,
Deep relations and each other fond,
Love was to succeed with ultimate marriage,
Simple arrangement and not as carriage,

All was done with ease and comfort,
Both the families had understand and rapport,
Extending good will and complete support,
Nothing was going bad as suggested report

When I look back and simply ponder?
No simple answer but only wonder,
No clouds to make loud thunder,
Simple acknowledgement with easy surrender


Hello lovely kid,
You may always lead,
May you become head,
Books more you read,

You are always future,
Ideas good you nurture,
Learn always you best,
And pass the entire test,

When you are child,
Some times get wild,
Lessons make you mild,
More friends you find,

When you enter school,
Remain you always cool
No one can tell you fool,
Ideas may you have full,

Pick up here you more,
Try to form a core,
Never had you seen before,
Fun you get galore,

Here is holy place,
Challenge you may face,
Accept it with grace,
Love and more embrace,

Try and learn more,
Content not with less,
Steep may be ladder,
Path may be harder,

Neither get afraid,
Not you get laid,
Obey what is said,
More attention paid,

You always look forward,
And not fall backward,
Body soul you purge,
Look ahead and surge

Anywhere You Like

You suggested to me let us meet anywhere,

A place Where HE is not there,

We then will have enough freedom,

With close quarter and ruling the wisdom,

We exchanged so many pleasantries,

Life was to level with your words and commentaries,

No distance seemed between ocean and countries,

Neither mountains, hills nor any boundaries,

We had feelings for each other,

Relation still didn’t grow any further,

Eyes met and said to one another,

Let us not forget this moment and bother

I prayed HIM sincerely for your hand,

He smiled and blessings lend,

I looked at you for further acceptance,

You okayed it without any insistence

Now I have enough courage and bold strength,

I could go and meet you at any length,

Is it not necessary to see each other before we marry?

Life’ as challenge was to be understood and carry,

He was hesitant for slight moment,

I too did not allow him for single movement,

Slight delay was causing me some concern,

I was not prepared for sudden and any ‘U’ turn,

I offered my self for holy deal,

I was there for his wounds to heal,

With only condition for him to be real,

Waited for his approval for the final seal

What word was I expecting from his mouth?

I did not care whether he was from north or south,

I wanted firm commitment and promise,

Relation was to be permanent………………

I was not here for simple game,

He was not here for charge or fame,

it was an earnest attempt to do with sincerity,

What was at stake//////////? Nothing but simple clarity

I didn’t know what all I did,

conscious very clear and didn’t hide,

talks very clear and nothing to confide,

sincere desire with best offer to provide

I am not sure of what others might say
I want to have perfect guy in my way
He will come and grab me for ever
I want to rest on his solder forever

He must know what I am and what does it mean?
I can offer my complete conscience and lean
I want to know definitely and precisely learn
Will there be any treachery or any ugly turn?

He can be whole and sole for me
I may consider him as holy gift from thee
Since I know he is meant for my existence
I simply don’t worry for his continued absence

See to it that it is done with all good show
Allow me the freedom to mushroom and grow
I will stand all the taste of cruel wind
I stand there alone and you may find

Deep In Love

Why I am so deep in love and called mad?
Why give people chance to call me mad?
Failure in love attempts and feel so sad,
Always get thrashing from kind dad,

It was not complicate but simple love,
Sailing on water like duck and dove,
Getting to know better of her but not to have,
Driving me crazy as she never forgave,

Was it simple attraction or infatuation?
Confronted many times but confused with question,
was I so desperate and running out of time?
Was it the only priority and my object prime?

I may not remain quiet and simply rest,
Earnest efforts with sincerity and follow with zest,
Leaving rest to luck and trying for best,
May be life wants some more crucial tests?

Will my dream come not true?
Ever I find answer or get it through?
Sincerely I hope to have success,
with relentless efforts and without recess,

what will happen if she buckles?
Under tremendous pressure and refuse
Add to the woes and make me to confuse,
what should I do to make the situation to defuse?

Neither I will fail nor succumb,
I will act wise and not act as dumb,
Life will be shattered as blast after bomb,
I will pray God and also visit dead people’s tomb
Is it sheer crime to love a person?
Do we blame rain if it comes without season?
Why do they unnecessarily malign?
Is it necessary to please them and align?

I see no reason behind their ire
Why do they object and openly fire?
I did nothing to molest her modesty
I just proposed her hand with honesty

May be it was not good as one sided affair
I was not unreasonable with approach or to be called liar
I had just dreamt of a life with beautiful partner
In love life it first initiative and was just beginner

I could not believe my own eyes
When she offered me glare with byes
I was little shocked wither refusal
She had invited me to discuss it oral

I prayed God to give her good sense
I had never behaved irresponsible or nonsense
It was sincere wish and strong desire
I was all out for her beauty and wished to admire

Those are unlucky who fail and not face,
without knowing what joy is there in losing the race,
they call others stupid and mad,
whom would you actually call good or bad?

Blot On Humanity

It is darkest hour in our history,
Dark nights shrouded with mystery,
Keeping under heels and making mockery,
Liberty torch shine but under label of slavery,

We may hide cruel face under facial,
Abuses hurl and utterances very racial,
Delicate phase but survival very crucial,
Efforts needed nor normal but very special,

Colour cast, creed based on ethnic entity,
Human race can’t maintain proper continuity,
Change in attitude and mental state,
Can’t risk entire race to a dangerous fate,

Thousands of people flee homeland and live,
Constant fear for life and prepared to dive,
Decades of struggle not paying any result,
More poverty, inhuman treatment and insult,

Holocaust, partition and burning of homes,
Green pastures and forest reserve in flames,
Not sparing nature and still more blames,
Is it deliberate attempt to play dirty games?

Still we not miss a chance for double speak,
Invade on neighbours, who are feeble and weak,
Impose terms so as to strangulate and muffle,
Win a war without bloodshed and scuffle,

Is it simple fight between black and white?
We still can understand it is mere a fight,
Still we can see ray of hope and light,
Solve the mystery even with wrong or right,

Destruction everywhere to impose ideology,
Unbalancing act to disturb core and ecology,
Forcing millions to accept the domain,
Count more dead or sub duly remain,

On each day of passing we will witness,
Arrogance more and vanishing politeness,
Harshness more and little softness,
Still lies hope for ascending goodness